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Vocari Leadership Venture

Inspiring Extraordinary Careers

Summer 2015

Why Are We Doing This?

We believe the workplace is part of the Creator’s initial creativity and intention. We were born to accomplish something significant that benefits others, and to enjoy the results and the process with others. This program is designed to help college students learn the power of God’s unique calling in their vocational pursuits. Students will start their careers knowing how to approach work as a servant leader with a Biblical and personal foundation for doing excellent work.

What Is The Program?

The Vocari Leadership Venture is a concentrated seven-week, residential-based summer immersion project for qualified college students ready to invest in a life–changing summer experience. It is a joint venture of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Vocari, a community dedicated to helping people pursue meaning, and not just money, in the workplace. College students have applied to the InterVarsity on their campuses in California and around the country for a 7-week intensive workplace experience designed to shape the way they view work even before they start their careers.

How Does It Work?

The program is built around paid full-time summer jobs that give students a direct experience of contributing and performing in the world of work. Each week of the program is packed with four kinds of inputs to enrich and frame their summer work experience in a way that expands and deepens their view of their future work life from God’s perspective:

- Teaching on the theology of work, starting with the “First Commission” in Genesis 1

- Mentoring by experienced men and women who come alongside students during the 7-week program

- Profiling tools like StrengthFinder and Myers-Briggs and group discussions to help students explore their God-given gifts and passions

- Tours and experiences in exciting workplace environments in the Bay Area like TechShop, the Vocari Incubator Hub, and an overnight immersion experience in the heart of San Francisco

- Stories of vocational and spiritual journeys from a wide variety of difference-makers including:

1. President of the NewResource Bank, a B-corp

2. Author and publisher of Forbes Magazine, and Churchill Club founder

3. Senior Scientist at Adobe, the Silicon Valley giant

4. CEO of TechShop, an author and leader of the “maker movement”

5. Plus a college educator, professional photographer, digital marketer, social worker, etc.

How Can You Participate


Become An Employer

Engage a hard-working college student to get the job done while helping them get employment experience and start their vocational journey!


Become A Mentor

Walk alongside a student as they explore the way God works in the workplace and their place in it!


Become A Sponsor

Help expand this much-needed program with an investment in the lives of students who will bless others for years to come!



Pray for the students, employers, mentors, speakers, and program managers

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Rod Howard, Project Founder


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Wayne Cerullo


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