Vocari Leadership Venture

“Inspire careers that make a difference”

What is our vision?

The Leadership Venture was created to awaken, mentor, and train a next generation of transformational leaders with a passion to serve the material and spiritual needs of society. Our vision is to equip those currently in college to be ready to heal and transform the workplace and use it to make life better for all people. The program encourages students to embrace their divine calling integrating the teaching, leadership model, and values of Jesus into their work life.

What Is The Leadership Venture?

The Vocari Leadership Venture is a concentrated six-week, residential-based summer immersion program for motivated college students who are ready to invest in a life–changing summer experience. The program is a joint effort of Vocari with the national leadership of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a collegiate student ministry group with more than 1000 staff serving more than 40,000 students and faculty nationwide

What does the Venture Experience Include?

Each week of the program is packed with six kinds of inputs to enrich their summer work experience in a way that expands and deepens their view of one’s work life.


The program is built around paid summer jobs that give students practical workplace experience.


Students study God’s view of work (the first commission), the teaching and actions of Jesus the carpenter in his agricultural community, and participate in active group discussion on the theology of work.

Community Living:

Students live together in a dormitory setting where they share their experiences from the workday over meals they cook together. Throughout this intensive experience they form lasting bonds.

Vocational Discovery:

Students are equipped to explore and discover their own workplace calling in part with guided use of tools such as StrengthFinder and Myers-Briggs. Group discussions allow students to voice their questions, ideas, and passions.


Marketplace leaders come alongside students as real life friends and guides. In addition, students hear from a dozen marketplace leaders about their own personal vocational and spiritual journeys. Prior presenters included:

  • President of the NewResource Bank, a B-corp
  • Publisher of Forbes Magazine, and Churchill Club founder
  • Senior Scientist at Adobe, the Silicon Valley giant
  • CEO of TechShop and author of the “Maker Manifesto”
  • A professional photographer, digital marketer, social worker, college educator, and others


Students are taken on excursions in exciting environments in the Bay Area like TechShop, the Vocari Incubator Hub, and an overnight immersion experience in the heart of San Francisco.

Where / when does the Venture run?

Students begin their group experience in Berkeley the week of June 15. They report for the first day of work on Friday, June 19, to meet their employer and see the work environment. Work concludes on Friday, July 31, and the program concludes that weekend. Students live in a group setting in Berkeley, CA, and commute to jobs in the East Bay and San Francisco. Housing is being provided by First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley.  

Why Are We Doing This?

As marketplace leaders, we believe the workplace is an important area of our lives in which we represent our Creator and apply our gifts and talents to accomplish greater purposes in the world. We believe we were born to accomplish something significant that benefits others, to achieve excellence in our work, to engage in life-changing relationships through our work, and to find joy in our vocation. We seek to fill a gap not ordinarily addressed by college programs or local church involvement. This program is designed to help Christian college students learn the power of their unique calling and enter the marketplace prepared to contribute, lead, and express their purpose. This is a program that expresses the vision and passion of the Vocari community. All the marketplace leaders are volunteering their time and resources to make this program possible.


If you have further comments or questions, feel free to contact us at: info @ Vocari.org. The program leaders of Leadership Venture 2015 are Rod Howard, project founder (510-773-8433) and Wayne Cerullo, project choreographer (925-270-9400).